July 2-5, 2018

In Paris

ICM and Telecom ParisTech


Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière

Disscussions and Lectures

Plenary lectures will be opened to all attendees in the main auditorium of the ICM.

  • Rock-solid EEG: making open, reproducible EEG research (Dorothy Bishop, Aina Puce, Robert Oostenveld)
  • Encoding/Decoding EEG signals (Fabrizzio De Vico Fallani, Rosalyn Moran, Michael Crosse)
  • Multiscale EEG: from cells to scalp (Saskia Haegens, Christian Bénar, Henrik Anders Lindén)
  • Thinking out of the box: field trips with EEG (Suzanne Dikker, Kathrin Ohla, Stefan Debener)


Classic poster sessions – Poster sessions will take place around the auditorium. Posters will be on display during the whole meeting. Submit your abstract on the registration page.

Methods wine & cheese – Several white boards will be available during poster sessions, each assigned with a methodological topic to be debated live. Everyone will be able to navigate between the boards and argue on the hottest questions in the field. Suggest a topic in the registration form or in the following field:

Meet the Start-ups

More and more young talents are taking the challenge of applying the latest discoveries of EEG research in the clinic, and for the general public. Get inspired by those entrepreneurs: hear their story and perhaps invent your next job!

Telecom ParisTech

Hands-on tutorials

Small-group hands-on tutorial sessions will take place at Telecom ParisTech. Please apply for your prefered sessions during registration. Due to space limitation, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to attend your favorite tutorials, first registered first served.

  • Hierarchical General Linear Modelling and Robust Statistics for EEG (Cyril Pernet, Arnaud Delorme)
  • Simulating EEG data (Mike X Cohen)
  • Decoding EEG signals (Jean Rémi King, Alexandre Gramfort)
  • Human Neocortical Neurosolver: A New Tool for Cellular and Circuit Level Interpretation of EEG (Stephanie Jones, Sam Neymotin, Dylan Daniels)
  • Combining eye-tracking & EEG (Olaf Dimigen)
  • Frequency Tagging (steady state analysis) in EEG (Molly Henry)
  • SEEG/ECOG analysis with Brainstorm (François Tadel, Anne-Sophie Dubarry)
  • Inverted encoding models of EEG signals (Tommy Sprague)
  • Making sense of (large amounts of) human intracranial EEG data (Jean-Philippe Lachaux)
  • Separating different alpha sources (Rasa Gulbinaite)
  • Modeling EEG-behavior relationships (Valentin Wyart, Aurélien Weiss)
  • Temporal response functions – Extraction of the neural response to continuous stimuli (Lorenz Fiedler)

Modules description

Philips / EGI scientific workshop on HD EEG

On Sunday 1st more speakers for free, right at ICM.

Speakers and Instructors

Dorothy Bishop

University of Oxford (UK)

Aina Puce

Indiana University (USA)

Robert Oostenveld

Radboud University (Nederlands)

Fabrizio De Vico Fallani

Inria & ICM (France)

Rosalyn Moran

University of Bristol (UK)

Michael J Crosse

Albert Einstein College of Medicine (USA)

Saskia Haegens

 Columbia University (USA)

Christian Bénar

Aix-Marseille Université (France)

Sam Neymotin

Brown University (USA)


Suzanne Dikker

Utrecht University (Nederlands)

Kathrin Ohla

INM-3 Research Center Juelich  (Germany)

Stefan Debener

Carl von Ossietzky Universität (Germany)

Cyril Pernet

University of Edinburgh (UK)

Arnaud Delorme

Paul Sabatier University (France)

Mike X Cohen

Radboud University (Netherlands)

Jean Rémi King


Alexandre Gramfort

Telecom ParisTech / INIRA (France)

Stephanie R. Jones

Brown University (USA)

Olaf Dimigen

HU Berlin (Germany)

Molly Henry

Western University (Canada)

François Tadel

McGill University (Canada)

Tommy Sprague


Jean-Philippe Lachaux

CNRL (France)

Rasa Gulbinaite

CerCo (France)

Valentin Wyart

ENS (France)

Henrik Anders Lindén

University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Lorenz Fiedler

Lübeck university (Germany)

Dylan Daniels

Brown University (USA)

Stephen Whitmarsh

ICM (France)

Aurélien Weiss

ENS (France)

Anne-Sophie Dubarry

Université Aix-Marseille (France)